This jam is now over. It ran from 2020-10-23 21:00:00 to 2020-10-26 21:00:00. View results

VR with Andrew's Spooky VR Jam is a 72-hour game making extravaganza for creating Halloween themed projects using Virtual Reality!

The jam starts on October 23rd, at 5PM EST to October 26th, 5PM EST.

Is there a theme?

  • Yes! We'll be announcing a more specific theme at the start of the jam.

What tools or engines are allowed?

  • All tools and engines are allowed, just be sure to keep in mind the available hardware. Try to at least have a build that runs on Windows.

What assets can be used?

  • You can use any functionality or assets that you have the rights to use.

Are teams allowed?

  • Yes, teams of all sizes are allowed to participate.

What's the judging criteria?

  • Creativity/Originality, Use of Theme, and Fun!

Who's judging the games?

  • The games will be judged by the public for one week once the jam is over.

Can I build a game in VR Chat?

  • We request that all submitted games be standalone experiences, and don't require additional software.


  • No NSFW,  hateful visuals/language
  • Be respectful and constructive

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Swim through vampire-shark-infested waters, in this stealthy/spooky VR game!
Vanquish pumpkinheads with 3D SPATIAL AUDIO!
Trick or Treat? A VR Halloween ghost train ride you you won't quickly forget!
It's time to get treats by any means necessary, but don't get caught.
Trick-or-treat in VR as a satisfying sportgame, played inside a pumpkin squash court in the year 3000.
Go trick or treating in VR!
Hurl wads of candy at ghostly trick-or-treaters in VR!
How to trick or treat in 2020? A vacuum and drone hook, of course! Please download fixed version:
A Short, Sweet and Spoopy VR experience
Re-live an event from long ago..
A game for Spooky VR Jam 2020
Do you have what it takes to escape the sewer hole ? Collect all the underground candies
A scary(?) VR game about the world's worst game show