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Make the future!

Welcome to the VR Austin Jam! The VR Austin Jam brings local, national, and international creators together to collaborate on new virtual and augmented reality content every fall. Over the course of a weekend attendees will create new VR/AR experiences in teams or as individuals, and we’ll show off completed projects to the public at the VR Austin Jam Showcase on Monday evening.

The VR Austin Jam isn’t a contest or an all-night hackathon. This is a fun, safe, collaborative space, where brilliant creative people of all types and levels get together to make mind-blowing experiences. If you want to make VR or AR games, animations, films, or experiences, we invite you to attend! Meet new people, learn new things, and be a part of the vibrant immersive reality development scene in Austin, TX.

Share your jam projects!

We've opened this portal for jammers to upload their projects to share with the world.  Consider this your one-stop shop for VR Austin Jam 2018 demos.

Who is VR Austin?

VR Austin is a collective of the best and brightest virtual reality developers in Central Texas. We meet bi-monthly for demos, brews, networking, and sharing information in the VR space. If you're an aspiring VR developer, artist, programmer, designer, musician, games person, film person, or curious about VR, VR Austin has something to offer.

Remember if you tweet about your jam submission to use the hashtag #VRAustinJam. We are happy to share submissions on our account for more visibility. Thanks for being a part of this year's jam!


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Build a road between floating islands!
VR swivel seat mech shooter
Talk to emotionally dependent appliances and try your best to get them to work.
Launch yer eyes through the hoops using the Tactical Spyglass, an ancient pirate artifact of immense power!
VR Austin Game Jam 2018
Guide your rat through the maze to the cheese!
2D Flatlanders need to know of your existence! But they might not like it...
[RIFT+TOUCH ONLY] gunswordlaser rhythm game with shooting and slashing
A VR Music Video made for the 2018 Austin VR Jam
Modern update to SoundStage VR with evolving synthesizers
Samurai training simulator.
A VR experience about brewing potions