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Make something with voxels.
Game must be a new project.
No adult content.

Q. Can I...
A. Yes, as long as it is along the guidelines.

Q. What is a voxel?

Q. Why is the jam all month long?
A. Because I want it to be...?

Q. Who judges my game?
A. Your games will be judged by your peers until February the 5th of 2015.

Q. Prizes?
A. The satisfaction of participating in Voxel Jam 2015.

Q. What platforms should I deploy for?
A. Windows, we would also prefer that you deploy for Mac and maybe Linux as well.

Q. Where should I stream development?
A. We recommend using for all your streaming purposes including game development.

Q. What should I use for voice communication?
A. We recommend Mumble for any size team. You can get a free 50 person Mumble server at

Q. What is the hashtag?
A. #voxeljam

Q. Is there a homepage for this jam?
A. Yes, a very simple one at

Q. Are there any moderators for this jam?
A. Yes, the current moderators include the following people

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me at

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