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Voxajam 2019 is happening this February!

Details are in the cart here (, along with some demos and helper functions of varying type/depth made by myself and @Eiyeron -- feel free to take a look and use any of them to help get you started! They should be organized so that you can just:

  1. copy an asset directory
  2. change the names of the name_i, name_u, and name_d functions to _init, _update60, and _draw, respectively

Here are the details again for convenience:

"welcome to voxajam 2019!

  • what: a voxatron jam theme: "so much more than 'voxatron'" there are no official limitations ..but why not make something outside the default 'robotron' style? (a neat effect, a toy, a tool a tweetcart, a full game-- anything!)
    • when: all february 2019
    • where: voxatron forums! ( and use '#voxajam' on twitter press ❎ to view some demos and examples!"

If you have questions or suggestions, please post here in the thread or hit me up on twitter ( @enargy) (helping spread the word by RTing this tweet would be appreciated also -- )

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