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VJ Shader Jam is a joint jam & competition to win prizes, using openFrameworks, GLSL & your imagination.

This VJ software was originally going to be taught in the openFrameworks tutorial series, as a multi-part playlist to build a VJ application. But since the tutorial series is no longer being created, we are going to do something a little bit different instead.
Plus, bring in some prizes as well

Please watch the video below to get a full explanation of the VJ software, the rules & what the prizes are.

You need to do this:

Rules in brief:

  • You CANNOT put in any code that is not part of what we have learned from the openFrameworks tutorial series - those will not be accepted
  • You can use any addon that has been featured in the openFrameworks tutorial series
  • GLSL code is NOT the main focus of this project. It's about using openFrameworks code in a creative way that can effect the GLSL code
  • Make sure you have uploaded it to your GitHub account & made sure the project is public for people to download, run & then rank your entry in this VJ shader jam
  • Only upload the src, the bin/data folder & the addons.make file
  • DO NOT UPLOAD/SUBMIT YOUR BUILT APPLICATION. Source code is only needed for people to download & build the application themselves for the platform they are on. Plus it keeps everything as small as possible

What happens next?

When you have submitted, the public are able to download & try out your software, once they have built it. Then they are able to rank the software & whether it uses openFrameworks code effectively to create some really nice works that can effect GLSL code

Once the submissions have ended & they have been ranked by the public, as well as myself - the top ranked project will win the grand prize, with 3 runners up also winning prizes.

The grand prize is KodeLife, with the runner up prizes being TouchOSC

But please have fun & enjoy your time coding.

Thanks & all the best


Lewis Lepton

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