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I didn't set up the voting criteria correctly, so please use the voting to voice how much you liked the game/think it has potential, not 'is it for htc vive' and 'does it follow the theme' like I put in :)

This will be the submission hub for the r/Vive game jam! Most of the communication will go down back at the sub though :)

I'm releasing info on the theme a little early: originally I planned for Sunday but there are a lot of people and the theme should be free! I'll post this tomorrow (Saturday) to let the sub know what's going down....

Looks like the theme will be...

small world! So your submission should place the player in the perspective of a giant interacting with tiny stuff! Think toybox come to life or like the spectator mode in the dota2 hub.

So... What would be totally awesome to do as a giant??

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The zombie apocalypse has happened and you must escape the center of the city!
missile command in vr
A spatial puzzle/experience for the HTC Vive
Tidy up the island by burning all the dead trees
Grab a bear and bring it to the top of skyscrapers!
A VR Stealth game!
Insane Cow Collector Vive game for End of Summer Jam Submission
Get the beach ball out the door and to the finishing flag. Don't let it touch the water or the game will reset!
/r/Vive summer Jam submission
An island god game by nvmsocool, PJSJx2, and Kerbal634
For the HTC Vive, the story of a Giant's attempt to prevent the plunder of 18 golden eggs