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We are excited to announce that we have the very talented Terry Kenny coming to Pulse College Games and Animation Campus on Friday 4th November.

Terry has a wealth of industry experience from being an Animator at the world famous Rockstar Games to his latest success as Game Developer at Variable State and their most recent release Virginia.

As an Irish developer and animator Terry can give you all some really great insight into what it takes to break into the AAA scene.

As an added bonus we will be running a Game Jam for all students on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th with Terry announcing the theme and submissions being uploaded to an page for the event. Time permitting Terry will even review the games after the event.

There are no team limits or restrictions. You can do it solo or in a large team.


12pm Terry Kenny Talk / Followed by Jam Theme Announced
6pm College Closes

11am College open for Jam with Lecturers Supporting Games Made
8pm College Closes

Sunday: (College Closed)
6pm Submission deadline for games made

Virginia - Trailer 2 [HD]

Variable State Virginia Home Page

Twitch Stream

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A dragster with a difference. Created as part of the Pulse College Game Jam, November, 2016
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Made as part of the Pulse College Virgina Jam
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