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This is the first game jam hosted by Berklee's Esports Club and Berklee VGMOST (Video Game Music OST Recording Club).  The 48-hour jam runs from 9 PM EST, Friday (11/6) to 9 PM EST,  Sunday (11/8).


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You wake up to do what you always do. Or what you think you've always done. A familiar feeling but... Something is off.
Sometimes, it takes loving someone to find love in yourself. A story about meet-cutes and self-acceptance.
Visual Novel
Play in browser
Play in browser
A first-person puzzle game.
Relive your one regret to pass on.
Puzzle game where you and your future self must find a way to merge back together!
Interactive Fiction
A game made in 48 hours with the Berklee College of Music video game music jam 2020
Go back to the past to escape the present.
Catch voter fraud!
Bullet hell whre u don't, like, things happen, and u, lke, cn see thngs tht hapn b4, bt hav u rlly? Its deja vu n stuf.
Fight against your mirror self.
Try to solve the puzzle in this chat room to free the world from an endless time loop!
Believe it or not, Ghost Game is my most spiritual game. Elaborate on that? No. >:(