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THEME: "You are what you eat"

Jam Information

  • In the spirit of being completely remote, this jam will not be exclusive to UCSD students.  All are welcome to participate!
  • This jam begins November 13th at 7PM PST.  
    • Theme reveal and team forming will happen at this time live on our Discord server:
  • The jam will run for 64 hours and end on November 16th at 11AM 5PM PST.  (Extended!)
  • Entries can be completed as an individual or as a team.
    • There are no limits on team sizes.

During the Jam

  • VGDC mentors will be hanging out in the Discord server throughout the duration of the jam.  
  • Feel free to ask any questions in #game-jam-general and we will be happy to help!

After the Jam

  • There will be a voting period lasting after the submission deadline to November 23rd, 5PM PST.
  • All contributors to submissions will be eligible to vote, so we highly encourage everyone to do so!
  • Games will be ranked after the voting period ends.


  • Prizes will be available for the top three winners for the overall category. Prizes TBD

Hosted by Video Game Development Club @ UCSD


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Do what you must before you SPOIL
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Mash bad foods by eating what's right
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