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Video Game Development Club at UCI --- Quarter Long Game Projects --- Winter 2023

Congratulations on reaching the end of the quarter! It's time to submit your projects and reflect on your experiences. Push out whatever you have, even if it isn't finished. Remember we are here to support each other in learning and our motto is "Fail Faster!"

Due March 13th, so we can compile all the projects for the presentation meeting.

Presentations will be on March 14th.

If you do not think you will have a build ready in time for presentations, please include whatever materials you would like to present at the meeting, including any art, screenshots, or videos. If you do not think you will be able to set this up in time, please contact Chi Nguyen (Project Manager).


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The stars align, and the whole universe is watching… FIGHT!
A Party Fighter about beating the Living Stars out of the Living Stars!
A racing game inspired by F-Zero
A 3D first-person fantasy action game with swords, shields, and conjuration!
Gay Boy Adventure Game/Dating Sim set in the 1930s!
Visual Novel
Sekiro Combat Style with Elden Ring styled Level Design
A musical boss rush arena fighter where you combat monstrous instruments corrupted by a mysterious melody!
A game producer has gone missing, use your detective skills to investigate the office and discover the truth
A prototype for Errand Girl Laine, a fighting game
Play in browser
Ascend the tower to escape the rising lava while fighting off the army of the robots, and conquer the arena above!
A short RPG Maker game about gacha mechanics!
Role Playing