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Video Game Development Club at UCI Quarter Long Game Projects Winter 2020

Congratulations on reaching the end of the quarter! Its time to submit your projects and reflect on your experiences. Push out whatever you have, even if it isn't finished. Remember we are here to support each other in learning and our motto is "Fail Faster!"

Due Thursday 11:59pm so we can compile all the projects for the presentation meeting.

Presentations will be Friday  5:00pm-6:20pm

If you do not think you will have a build ready in time for presentations, please include whatever materials you would like to present at the meeting, including any art, screenshots, or videos. If you do not think you will be able to set this up in time, please contact Project Manager Kiara about plugging in your laptop after the downloadable presentations.

Your submission should include:


  • Full credits to all members and their roles
  • Images of the game
  • Description of the game
  • (optional) gameplay video or trailer


  • Build of the game, preferably a web build (WebGL for Unity) can be edited after submitting
  • Instructions on how to play the game if needed

For Learning Based Projects:

If your project was learning oriented, use this as an opportunity to talk about how your project went. your goals, struggles, and what you each learned from the project.

Any and all details can be edited after submitting

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Traverse floating islands to solve 3 sets of puzzles, each with an easy, medium, and hard variant.
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A 3D RPG based (very) loosely on Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and New Catacombs by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
A 2D, sci-fi, stealth-based platformer with no combat.
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UCI VGDC Winter Quarter 2020
Duke it out with your favorite ICS Professors!
Direct Clone of Tetris Attack (for now)
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A roguelike tactical-RPG.
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Grand strategy game built on realistic physics calculations.
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