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A small game jam where you design a game within a short time frame, using a theme based on the name's abbreviation:

  • V - Verb
  • A - Adjective
  • N - Noun

You can randomly generate those at these links:


  • You may re-roll your parts of speech as many times and you want, as long as you re-roll all of them (if you absolutely cannot come up with an idea with the words you've gotten)
  • You may change tenses (ex: if you roll "examine," you may change that to "examining")
  • You may make your noun plural or singular, if it makes more sense to do so
  • You may work in teams if you so desire
  • You must comply with standard copyright laws
  • You don't have to make your game streamer/YouTuber friendly, but it could make for more people playing your game!


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a psychedelic stealth/exploration prototype
vanjam 2016 - eggsnatcher
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