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Valentwines Day Love Poetry Jam

Love is in the air along with COVID and tear gas. Join your friendly neighborhood Twine community for a love poetry jam. Use Twine to create an interactive or dynamic piece of digital poetry about love!

We use the term poetry loosely—as long as it's poetic in some manner, feel free to submit it! Likewise, there are thousands of ways to interpret the theme of love, so feel free to get creative! There is no word count limit, but shorter works are preferred.

The submission period will last for three weeks, from February 7th to February 28th. This is a casual, non-competitive jam, but anyone who submits a game will be able to vote on other games for fun. See below for more details.


  • Submissions must be made with Twine (Twine 1, Twine 2, or any Twee compiler), using any story format.

  • Submissions must credit all assets used (code, images, sound, etc.) that you did not create yourself.

  • Submissions may be of any genre. NSFW submissions are allowed, provided they are properly labeled and don't break any of's rules or guidelines. Please use content warnings for your submission (whether they are SFW or not) where appropriate.

  • Incomplete games (demos, prototypes, proofs of concept, etc) are allowed as long as they are playable in some form, but we encourage you to scope small and submit a complete game.


After the submission period ends, voting will open among participants. Please rate the games based on their quality and on their interpretation of the jam's theme.

Participants will have two weeks to vote, after which scores will be announced on March 14th.


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A short interactive love poem about beginnings.
Interactive Fiction
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Write poems, get paid, try to avoid comitting high treason.
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Explore your memories and write a valentines poem for your significant other
Interactive Fiction
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Interactive Fiction
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Tragic little love story taking place in a cyberpunk era.
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An exploration into love. Cold the initiator.
Interactive Fiction
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Short Story About A Couple Talking While The World Is Dying.
Interactive Fiction
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