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Hey guys! Valentines day is just a day of love, and for some of us (like me) it's a . . . sad day.  Also i'm so sorry about the cover image dsnvsjvbsvdk it's so bad. So! Here's what you need to know;

         You can make this game on any program, and also the type of game ( 2D, side scroller, visual novel) does not matter either. Complete freedom!

         Games can be unfinished. 

         I gave you guys about a month to  make the game, so take your time!

         Working with a team or solo is perfectly fine! Just make sure to give credit where it's due.

         There needs to be a soundtrack.

         Submissions will not be judged, as this is all just for fun!

      The central theme should be love, of course. Maybe you could make a game from Cupid, or a sad valentines day; whatever! As long as it relates to Valentines day and love.

         NSFW submissions are okay, just don't overdo it too much. If you choose to do NSFW, please mark it as so, or place a warning.

        Reminder, don't stress out too much about this game. Just relax and have fun! Mold this game into whatever you wish.

Good luck to you all! I hope you all have fun with your games.

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Romance is in the air!
Visual Novel
Cool fan-made infinite-runner
Play in browser
Reminisce about Valentine's Day celebrations like the computer programmer you are
Visual Novel
A breakout clone game but instead of clearing all blocks you must clear enough blocks to catch the falling girl.