This jam is now over. It ran from 2020-09-04 22:00:00 to 2020-09-06 22:00:00. View results

Welcome to the Summer Game Jam!

Hosted by the Husky Game Dev and in collaboration with  UWB ACM

Please also sign  up  through  the  preregistration  form  here:


I'm Lost!!!


Violating these rules could subject you to disqualification or being banned from the Husky Game Dev

1) Be respectful to everyone

This includes:  

-No racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic content.  

-No discriminating or degrading content.  

-No flaming, badgering, trolling, or instigating conflict.

2) No NSFW content

This includes ecchi or suggestive content as well.

3) All submissions can be solo or in a team

This means you can make a game on your own or be in a team.

4) Everyone is welcome to join!

Get everybody you know to join the jam and have fun!

5) Credit must be given to all contributors

If someone provided you with assets for your game, or aided in development, then they must  be included on your games credit scene and/or submission. This also applies to assets acquired from online.



How well your game integrates the theme. Or does your game give the theme a nice twist? If you decide to give a twist on the theme, please ensure that it's obvious that the game is still following the theme.


The combination of mechanics, features, entertainment, and player experience. Do you take typical mechanics and turn them on their head, create completely new mechanics, or just stick with the known and make it as polished as possible?


The practicality, execution, and beauty of the graphics. Does your game's graphics look good, do they mesh well with your type of game, and are they consistent throughout?


Audio is an important part of the game. Effective sound design through music or sound effects can immensely improve a game on its own.


Is your game a complete experience from beginning to end (if your game intends to have an end) and is that experience bug free or likely to crash?


Q: What do I need to do to join?
A:  Join our discord, team up with people if you wish, or join solo, and then fill out our preregistration form!

Q: How do I find a team/team member?
A: Through our  #recruitment-board channel on our discord! You could also invite your friend to join in but make sure they hit the join button above.

Q: I have little to no experience in making games, can I still join?
A: Yes everyone is welcome to join! But we strongly encourage you to look through our list of resources on game development in our #resources channel.

Q: How and when will our submission be judge?
A: submissions will be voted on by fellow game developers and by a selected panel of judges according to the criteria listed above. This will happen during the closing ceremony on September 6th, 4:00pm - 6:30pm.


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A short game made for the UWB Summer Game Jam
Here is our teams game for the UWB summer game jam!
Our submission for the UWB Summer Game Jam.
A 2D Platformer / Side-Scroller with ranged combat
Play in browser
A platformer with a twist