This jam is now over. It ran from 2023-11-11 02:00:00 to 2023-11-13 00:00:00. View results

EDIT: Winners Announced 

Best Narrative - Into the Dark

Best Use of Tech - Through the Looking Glass

Best Gameplay - Tandem Trails

Best Visuals - Aurelius Archibald Astralorn's Traveling Tower

Best Humor - Nick of Time

Best Audio - Between Two Worlds

Most Educational - Parallusion

Most Likely to Succeed - The Editor

"Left Field" Award - Journey to the 90th Parallel

Audience Choice - 3 way tie (Parallusion, Through the Looking Glass, The Editor)

Grand Prize - Lunar Llama

EDIT: Theme Announced - "Parallel Worlds"

Welcome to Utah Indie Game Jam 2023! 

Come with your team and make a game in 48 hours, meet people, and learn new stuff. Our nineth annual game jam will be held online on November 10-12th at 7pm. People will start gathering in the assembly hall around 6:30 on our Discord before the event kick-off. 

We will start the opening ceremonies at 7pm to discuss the rules and announce the theme. The judging and presentations will be done in Discord also. If you're not already part of the UtahGameDev Discord, you can sign up for it on this page

What's a game jam?

Game Jams are a time-constrained game-making competition. In general, the goal is to come out of it with an awesome game you have made by yourself or with a team. If you want more info, check out these articles / videos.

Here's Last Year's Game Jam Entries. That may help you get an idea of what kind of games can be done in 48 hours.

What does it cost?

Our local game jam is free to participate.

How old do I need to be to participate?

We don't have an age limit to enter, and we've had many young people participate in the past. However if you are a minor, you will need to come with a parent or other adult that can be responsible for you. The same rules of conduct apply to all participants.

What should I bring?

We suggest you bring a laptop computer (for portability), but you can bring in a desktop machine if you like. Note that internet access will be wireless only, so bring a dongle if you need one! Other good items are: food, snacks, toiletries, sleeping bag, pillow, headphones, thumb drives, and generally things that you'll need to survive a weekend trapped with a bunch of geeks. We will have a quiet room set aside for those needing to get some power napping in.

How large can my team be?

We don't have a limit on how many members can comprise a team, however you'll find that larger teams aren't always better as there's more chaos and coordination work. It's also okay to have a team of one person if you want. Teams should be fairly well set by the time the event starts. If you need help finding a team let us know and we may be able to help.

Will there be prizes?

I will be giving out my usual 3D printed trophies. We may have prizes also, so stay tuned.

Here are the following award categories:

  • Grand Prize 
  • Best Visuals
  • Best Audio 
  • Best Gameplay
  • Best Narrative
  • Best Humor
  • Best Use of Tech
  • Most Likely to Succeed
  • Most Educational
  • "Left Field" Award
  • Audience Choice Award 

The winners will be determined by a panel of judges, except the Audience Choice Award which will be voted upon by the attendees. All games will need to incorporate the theme which will be announced during the kickoff meeting at the start of the event. At the end all games will be submitted to the website and each team will be able to present their game to the judges and everyone for about 5-10 mins per team. After that the judges will deliberate and the award ceremony will follow. (FYI - These categories could change before the event, but it's unlikely).

What are the rules?

  1. All entrants will have 48 hours (roughly) to develop as much of a game as is possible (preferably fully playable).
  2. The entirety of the game must be conceived, designed, built, and uploaded within the allotted time.
  3. Entrants must be prepared to show their progress at the end of the 48 hours.
  4. Entrants may choose to organize teams with any other entrants they choose.
  5. Entrants must have rights to all presented game assets, including:  Art, SFX, and Music.
  6. Entrants may use any freely available programming frameworks, tools, and engines, as well as from their personal library also.
  7. Entrants must incorporate the randomly selected theme of the jam.
  8. Entrants will keep their game reasonably clean and in good taste as we may have minors participating. (No porn, F-bombs, etc)
  9. Entrants are expected to be respectful to others and the facilities during the jam.

NOTE: Although public domain, creative commons, personal libraries, and other assets you own are allowed to be used in the jam, it's not in keeping with the spirit of the jam if your game is composed entirely from other people's work (meaning it's not really your game). You do have to do some of the work yourself during the jam. 


Friday, Nov 10th

6:30 pm - 7 pm:  Orientation / Sign into Discord 

7 pm - 7:30 pm:  Opening ceremony & Theme announcement (This will be in the Assembly Hall channel on Discord)

7:30 pm:  Jam starts in earnest

Sunday, Nov 12th

4 pm - 5 pm:  Game submission hour

5 pm - 7 pm:  Presentation of Games and Judging

7 pm - 7:30 pm:  Judges deliberate

7:30 pm - 8 pm:  Closing awards ceremony 

(Background image by pikisuperstar on Freepik)


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Switch between perfectly parallel realities, off by just a few feet
Two players are racing in parallel but slightly different course. Compete vs others
We need your help, Captain Llama!
Fight off instrusive beats while you practice your drums. A rhythm game.
Battle, powerup, and race against time as you survive hordes of brainlots in this Galaga inspired arcade game.
Creatures from another dimesion are slipping into our world
Defend the parallel worlds of the future by your craft!
Send your CPU into another dimension
Post-truth simulation
Play in browser
Play in browser
Use your power to jump between realities to beat the boss to work.
Play in browser
(incomplete) Robbed in the middle of the night, enter the dark to rescue your stuff and friends you meet along the way.
Take a trip looking through
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