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Congratulations to our UT Game Jam 2019 winners!

Best Overall - journeys in a dark tunnel a.k.a. Return a.k.a. Return: Into Darkness

Best Visuals - In the Night

Best Design - The Goo Game

Best Sound - Endangered

Best Narrative - Ribbit

Rookie Award - Domus

Emerging Tech - Area 51 Experience

Honorable Mentions:

Best Potential - Paranoia

Best Polish - Return to the Spirit Realm

Professor's Pick a.k.a. Sensei's Selection:

Paul Toprac - Bone Jam

Sarah Abraham -  No Receipt

MJ Johns - Winter's Return

Tyler Coleman - Towe Return


UT Game Jam is a 36 hour industry-student game jam where student devs make a game in team mentored by professional game developers from Niantic, Zynga, Farbridge, Bethesda,  Magic Leap, Panic Button, Twisted Pixel, Retro, Electric Hat, and Bluepoint!

Our website is at and lists the full schedule of events, theme, and diversifiers!

This event is for registered students only-- so please only join if you registered and are attending in person.

The theme of the game jam is...



I'm in the game!

Have all your teammates referenced in the game, whether it be credits or in actual gameplay.

Blast from the past

Incorporate any previous UT game jam theme. Previous themes are block, trash, cactus, it begins, binary, day and night.

A minor change

All music in your game must be in a minor key.

Can you pet the dog?

Include one or more animals or pets that the player can pet and interact with.

Keep it simple

Make your game playable by people who can use no more than a D-pad plus 2 buttons, with hardware like an Xbox Adaptive Controller in mind.

Hold on, I need to set my controls

Include remappable controls in your game.

Always room for one more

Make a game where new players can join at any time.

Put on your dancing shoes

Incorporate a dance pad as a control scheme for your game.


Create a game that can be understood regardless of which language the player speaks.

In control

Implement a control scheme that doesn’t use a keyboard or controller.

Where am I?

Implement a visible mini-map or some way to view a map in-game.


Make your game outside of the Unity Game Engine.

Mr. Worldwide

Make your game playable within a web browser.

What’s the wifi password?

Make an online multiplayer game.

Ridin' Solo

The game story only has one character.

Power down

Losing abilities is the only way for your player to progress.

Mixed Media

Make a physical game that utilises computer code.


Make a game that can only be played once by each player.

Can you hear me now?

Any spoken lines or voice-over must be voiced by a member of your team.


Instead of making a brand new game, start from an existing Game Jam game from a previous year, made by someone you don’t know. Improve it and take it in a new direction.

Simon Says

Use exactly four colors.

Do you remember?

Implement some sort of elemental system in your game (i.e. earth, wind, fire).


Localize your game into two or more languages.


All sounds for your game must be created using your voice or body.

Easter Egg

Include an Easter Egg or secret in your game.

Da Ba Dee Da Ba Dye

Your game can only use shades of blue.


Your game can only use a monochromatic color scheme.

Hidden Depths

The protagonist isn’t who you think they are at the beginning.


The game story must end the same way it began.


Create a totally different game that can be played inside your game submission. Must also relate to the theme.


Create a new language just for your game.

Don’t say a word

A multiplayer game that requires communication between players, without relying on text or voice.


All sound is sourced from variations of a single instrument, e.g. different types of guitar, or different types of piano.

Let's get moving!

Make a game that requires or encourages exercise or physical activity.

Upside down

One or more game systems programmed by an artist, major art assets produced by programmers/coder.



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To Grandmother's house we go...
Join [REDACTED]'s attempts to sleep forever and dive deep into many dreams.
Best Designed Game at the UT Game Jam 2019!
Meet new people, learn more about our exciting product line, and make sure Joe Mamma doesn't come for you!
play a platformer where you jump from platform to platform up a tree, trying to return home
There's something important at the end of this tunnel. For UT Game Jam 2019
Play in browser
Find your friends and return home!
experience the September 20th raid of Area 51 in VR
Team Squirrel's game for UT EGaDS Game Jam 2019
Kill bugs. Return home.
TOWERETURN - Escape the tower!
A girl falls into a tomb and meets a ghost--and they must return home.
Game about bones