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Welcome to the Urho3D Game Jam!

This is a game jam centered around the budding engine, Urho3D. There are a few criteria to meet:

  1. It is highly encouraged that you use the latest release of the Urho3D engine, version 1.32. Binaries and source code can be downloaded from the main page. You may use the latest nightly release, but you take responsibility for any issues arising from using an unstable version.
  2. Do not use copyrighted assets in your game unless you have copyright permission. This includes things such as logos, music, and other assets that may cause a complaint.
  3. Source code is not required, but is highly recommended.
  4. Have fun.

Additionally, each jam will be centered around a theme. This is a guideline more than a strict rule, so please be creative.

Today's theme: Boardgames

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