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Your one way ticket to the 90s that never were

The Lost Bay is a horror tabletop RPG set in the 90s. The setting is a low fantasy coastal suburb inspired by films and media from the 80s and 90s.  In it you play as a young person touched by the Weird, an ancient force that gives you supernatural powers. You roam the Bay with your gang, its malls, arcade games shops, skateparks and beaches, and fight the Horror that has awakened.


You create the Urban Legends of The Lost Bay!

Participants are invited to contribute with submissions of in-game zines featuring poems, narrative fiction, drawings, collages, digital art, anything that evokes the Urban Legends of the Lost Bay.  VHS ghosts, cursed skate parks, doomed video games, serial-killers, mud abominations, evil Saints, you create the Urban Legends of the Lost Bay! By in-game zines we intend zines that could be found in the game world itself. They're not classical game extensions/modules, but artifacts that could be found in the game world itself!

This jam is hosted by Iko, designer and publisher at The Lost Bay Studio.

Urban Legend is a ranked jam. The Lost Bay Studio will buy 20 zine copies to the jam winners (x 2). Obviously participants remain the sole owners of their entries and associated rights.


The Lost Bay is a game and a fictional suburb set in alternate 90s. Where and how the Bay is, is totally up to you. But you can also stick to the setting implied by the game book if you prefer. Here's a quick description of the main Districts of the Lost Bay (file last updated August 19).


There is no requirement to buy the game to participate in the Urban Legend jam. You can find The Lost Bay - First Look edition on itch, community copies are also available. The Lost Bay RPG is still in development and the PDFs are updated roughly every Sunday. You can also  get the minidungeon adventure UNIT DH-17.


  • Don't be a bigot, fascist, don't harass other members of the community here or in other spaces. 
  • Unless used with the intent to illustrate a positive impact avoid racism, sexual harassment/abuse, domestic violence and discrimination.
  • Generative AI content (midjourney, chat gpt and such) is not allowed.
  • Use content warnings in your entries.
  • Upload an additional plaintext file for a better accessibility of your content. Please don't skip this part.
  • You're free to charge for your submissions if you want.


You're invited to join The Lost Bay server, meet other hobbyists and discuss your most spooky urban legends.

Use the jam hashtag #urbanlegendjam

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"The Night Person whispers"
An in-game artifact for The Lost Bay RPG
it's a fate-changing cassette tape. a bit spooky and mosaic strict.
Unsettling small adds for the 1990s