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Welcome to the (physical) Unwrap Jam!

Like previous editions, all 2nd-year Game Development, Interactive Sound Production, Game Graphics Production, and Independent Game Production students compete for honor in the Crea Week's Game Jam.

BUT this year, things just got a "little" bigger! Because this jam is open to all students from other schools! Even better: The Unwrap Jam is open for all Belgian Game Devs to participate!


Sleeping: There will be room(s) (with carpet floor) available for people who want to spend the night. Make sure you bring a sleeping bag with you. 

Food: On Tuesday evening there will be Pizza's. Make sure to check this page regularly because the order for Pizza will happen on  Monday. 


On Wednesday evening there will be a food truck. More information in the near future. 


This jam will be hosted at "The Square" in Kortrijk

Location Game Jam


We start on Tuesday 14/02 9 AM and end on Thursday 16/02 - closing event to start 3 PM

For the students DAE there is an extra showcase event on Friday @ The Level

How do I join? 

Join on AND make sure to register here for this game jam as well! 

It is required to fill in this form, as we need an idea of how much food and "sleeping" places we need to accommodate :)

Try to form groups in advance, you'll get the opportunity to join a group if you haven't found one yet, but it's easier if you already have one. We recommend groups to be no larger than 6 people.


At the start of the jam, the theme will be announced.

Submission rules...

  • The theme must be incorporated
  • No pre-existing projects allowed
  • You can use whatever software/game engine you want
  • You can choose whatever platform you want (even VR is allowed, but make sure you have your own hardware)
  • You must participate physically, no online only entries

A grand showcase moment!

At 3 PM on Thursday the 16th, we will host a grand showcase where all teams will receive the opportunity to present their games using a 2min pre-recorded gameplay video in front of a jury made up of some of the most influential people from the Belgian game dev scene. Your time to shine! 

Yes, there will be a prize pool.

As a reward for all your hard work and creativity, we are glad to announce that we will have a prize pool! You have two opportunities to win: a jury reward and a community reward. 

Jury reward: During the showcase, you will receive a score from the jury members. The team that has the highest score wins the jury prize! Prizes are to be announced. 

Community reward: Your games will be available to play online. The team with the highest score in either (or all) of the categories wins the community prize! Prizes are to be announced. 

Join The Indie Brewery Discord!

We have an awesome creative game dev community on Discord, so if you're looking for a great place to hang out and chat with like-minded people, this is the place to look. 

Some Winning Tips...

In our experience, here is what you need to do if you want to win one of the top spots:

  • Make your game easy to understand for new players. This is a common trap many game jam games fall into. Start thinking about your tutorial or how you want to teach mechanics right from the beginning!
  • Usually, it's a good idea to make your game relatively easy to win. People spend roughly five to fifteen minutes on each game. In most cases, they won't have enough time to reach a super high level of mastery. Keep that in mind when balancing the difficulty.
  • Quality over quantity. Keep your game super short and simple! This is even more important in this jam, as simplicity (meaning you do much with little) is one of the main ranking factors. Every tiny bit of extra polish can make your game stand out!

Take a risk. The winning games are usually brave enough to try something completely new or out of the ordinary.   


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Serve cold treats to penguins, but watch out for the slippery ice!
Steer your little fragile paperboat to safety, to deliver the letter, that it contains.
Play in browser
Rob a train by blowing up the bridge it passes.
Play in browser
Killing grandma has never been more fun!
Play in browser
Take up the fight and beat fragile masculinity!
Accurate simulation of the wonderful love and care provided by our most LOYAL and hardworking postal service workers.
You are a gnome defending your garden against waves of ghosts
Chase the penguins around the map untill they are all in the penguin pen!
Travel through the mind & heal the trauma.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Amber The witch
Protect the fire of the forest at all cost, use your magic to defeat the machines.
Play in browser
Keep your fragile little fire spirit going while also protecting it from evil mages.
Navigate through a cluttered night shop, evade the shopkeeper and make your escape!
Chaos and alchemy!
Interactive Fiction
Help this Bull On A China Pot keep his fragile organs in the right spot, don't let them break!!
It's your job as mailman to deliver these fragile packages safely, good luck!
A game about venting frustration.
Make potions without causing commotions or your supervisor will be mad!
Navigate through the office while holding a glasspane
Protect motherfrogger from certain death
Gather coins by breaking pots and buy upgrades to help you win your freedom!
Delivery game
Play as eggs with your friends and escape the chicken coup without being eaten by the fox!
Challenge your friend in this eggtastic co-op game. Collect as many eggs as possible!
Pray the cards
Card Game
Skate your way to ablution and ascend to Sainthood on your trusty Saintboard