This jam is now over. It ran from 2017-03-03 16:00:00 to 2017-03-14 16:00:00. View results


A opensource emoji pack or extension that aims to give universal emoji's to all platform's being the first emoji font to be ported to photoshop 2017 and is now being used as a emoji font by loads of famous websites and OS. Facebook emojis is powered by this open emoji standard.

Details of this game jam and its aim:

Now that I explained what this EmojiOne is all about you may be wondering why make a game jam out of emojis/??

Well after you download the emoji pack from their website there are many kinds from b-w normal and others its your choice


1. It should only be 2d


3.The only assets allowed are the emojis

4. You can use other assets for the background particles and logo :)... and title

5. Should have at least one sound (it'll be boring without one).

6. Should have at least more than 30 seconds of possible gameplay.

You can use this gamejam preview as a guideline

This preview is a game I made in just 14 hours so do your best since I'm giving you time for more than a week.

Also if you are one of the winners See the gamejam preview guideline after that intro your games with your names will be played there with different options.

There will be different ports one will be just the website port where the whole game jam can be played here in next port is in windows .exe its the same but just on windows the third one will be uplaoded at the playstore so your game might get publicity

Options for your game is...

1.Just give a trailer or a youtube video for the game or just screenshots

2. Let me remake the whole game and add it to the gamejam preview (Give me the assets of the whole game).

3. Remake it and add some covers

And also the preview for android will have ads so you can ask to add ads or remove them in your own game.

With you getting 60% of the earnings from the ads and me just getting 40%

Thats it have fun :)

If you need more info or want to ask something do it in the forums or community or just email me