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Make a game in Unity, using the Toy scripting language!


Toy is a brand new language designed to support modding unity games. This jam is intended to put it through it's paces, and to expand on it's current functionality - creating and submitting new features is greatly appreciated!

You can try the core language online here:

You can find the language documentation here, and the unity plugin documentation here. Remember to place the Toy scripts into the "Assets/StreamingAssets/" directory or a subdirectory to ensure that the game is moddable once built.

//An example of Toy code: Flappy Birb's controller
import "Unity";

const birb = Unity.FetchGameObject("Birb");

birb.Behaviour.Update = () => {
    if (Unity.GetButtonDown("Fire1")) {
        birb.Rigidbody2D.AddForce(0, 10, "impulse");

birb.Behaviour.OnCollisionEnter2D = other => {
    if (other.Tag == "wall") {
        Unity.TimeScale = 0; //pause the game
        print "You lose!";

Remember: The goal of this jam is to expand and test the Toy scripting language, so your game MUST utilize Toy in some way, be it a map generator, character controls, monster AI, etc. If your game isn't moddable using Toy, then it will be disqualified.

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