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Get ready for Unijam!

It's just like a regular jam, but the final theme is a mix of two community-submitted themes.

Say the two most upvoted themes are "Huge" and "Demon"... The final theme will be "Huge Demon"!


  • Your game can be made with any framework / engine
  • It doesn't need to be 100% made during the jam - you can start with existing code or assets
  • It needs to take the final theme into account in some way
  • You can make your game alone or with your team
  • Feel free to experiment any cool mechanics / ideas you have! Innovation is encouraged.

The theme for this Unijam is... Destructive Dark!

Join us on Discord to talk with other jammers and vote for your favourite themes!

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Stop the invading goblin army!
You must save your house.Dark is coming
Unijam 2 game. Warning: incomplete.
Galaxies are being devoured by black holes. Time to evacuate!
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