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Get ready for Unijam!

It's just like a regular jam, but the final theme is a mix of two community-submitted themes.

Say the two most upvoted themes are "Huge" and "Demon"... The final theme will be "Huge Demon"!


  • Your game can be made with any framework / engine
  • It doesn't need to be 100% made during the jam - you can start with existing code or assets
  • It needs to take the final theme into account in some way
  • You can make your game alone or with your team

The theme is... Retro Hacking!

Join us on Discord to talk with other jammers and vote for your favourite themes!

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I've started from scratch/with a template (generic code / libraries) (9)
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Type fast and clean to get the best score in this little casual game.
Hack the robots
Halt! Are you a crime? Are you a cyber-crime-inal? Then buy turrets to defend yourself while hacking cash terminals!
Infect with perfection in this tower offence game!
A puzzle-platformer about a robot and his hacking device.
Get to the End of each level as a floppy disk!
Change the gravity! - Reach the target! - Avoid traps!