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Definitely not First!

Look, over the past few years, there've been some amazingly original tabletop RPGs: games that broke away from what had been done before in terms of systems, settings, physical properties, play expectations, themes, etc.

This is that sort game jam, though. This game jam is about being as unfirst as you can be, because being derivative is actually kind of fucking cool, so claim it. Here's our rules for submissions:

  1. Make a game or supplement derivative of one or more other games you love: vampire clans, teen angst, dungeon delves, space fantasy, postapocalyptic wastelands, space opera, whatever. I'm not your boss: do you!
  2. Delete any ideas that have racist, sexist, queerphobic, heternormative, cisnormative, antisemitic, anti-Islamic, fascist, or otherwise contribute the oppression of marginalized people. Those are bullshit. No one needs them.
  3. Tack a system on. Maybe it matters. Maybe it doesn't. Your call. We love you even if you use percentile dice.
  4. Systemless settings, supplements, or adventures also welcome! Try not to be first, though.
  5. Don't steal anyone else's IP, but otherwise wear your influences brazenly.
  6. Bonus suggestion! Cite sources, nerd out, get excited about things you love.


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Gonzo post-apocalyptic RPG
A Rules Lite Old School Fantasy RPG
Souls Like Cairn Hack in mini zine format. Getter your comrades. Overthrow tyrants.
A hack of Into the Odd about airship pirates and pulp adventure.
A game of incredible and fallible characters, the way they approach the world around them, and the burdens they carry.
A Solarpunk Hack of Lasers & Feelings About Community and Caring
Scavengers return to Earth from Mars to see what weirdness has been left behind.
5 TROIKA! backgrounds inspired by zany sci-fi and classic pulp!
TTRPG about powerful heroes going over their limits and building their bonds together
Lo-fi Super(anti)hero RPG
Within the First Forge, the souls of the Firehearted wait to fly free once more.
Retro Clone Mash Up Inspired by 2400 Series
A city caper for old-school RPGs.
A post-life capitalist hellscape ttrpg
A pocket sized space game
A Playable Character Framework
A super-powered black ops RPG
A totally not overdone fantasy RPG
Game about Problems, their solution and crabs
1pg rules lite d20 based fantasy RPG
Role Playing
You can choose your own car and go at an place but make sure to not bash into other cars!
Play in browser
A feminist redux on the classic vampire theme.
MOSAIC Strict rules for making characters and having quick adventures using LEGO minifigs!
A modular polyhedral dice set based combat system for TTRPG designers.
A journaling game about Making impossible futures possible.