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Ever started a project only to discard it sometime later? I know you have. We all have.

Well here's a chance to get rid of any junk that's lying around on your computer or hard-drive. Wipe the slate clean and get some feedback in the process. You never know if you put your "bad" unfinished work out now maybe you will be more motivated to complete more projects in the next year.

How To Enter

To enter gather up all your unfinished work into one or multiple zipped file(s). Then create a new game page and upload the file(s). Design your page in whatever way you like it and then submit it to the jam.

What To Enter

Although this is called Unfinished Games Week you can submit other things if you like. One thing to think about would be releasing the assets from your unfinished games for others to make use of if they wish.

What Can I do to Make my Game(s) Palatable To People

Don't attempt to add new gameplay, we want to see the raw unfinished mess!

However if you want to make your game presentable, the following is a list of suggested improvements.

  • Disclaimer

Keep it simple just put a black screen with white writing explaining that the game is unfinished and may not be what they are looking for. Maybe tell them to try out your other finished games if they want something more solid.

  • Menu

Menu screens are often left out in development, however feel free to ad one to your unfinished game(s) to aid the player.

  • Basic Optimization

Got framerate issues? Learned a way to fix them since your last glance at the game? Feel free to do this.

  • Simple End State

If your game has some gameplay maybe have it switch to a basic end screen after a condition is met. (this verges on gameplay changes but as long as you don't fix any funny bugs it should be fine)

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An experiment with second-person camera and controls.
Unfinished projects that never made it past the prototype stage.
Sell newspapers and build the best newspaper stand in town.
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A Killer7 inspired action-puzzle game
Very unfinished game.
Role Playing
Why would you want to play a game about essay writing for crying out loud
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Just another generic space shooter.
A (unfinished) post apocalyptic survival game
Protect the space station from the rocky debris!
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unfinished things for the Unfinished Games Week
Glide across the ballroom, avoiding other dancers
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First game I ever made. I have no idea..