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1.  Go digging through your old folders.

2. Find that one game that you were going to finish. You know, the one you were almost done with but you never got back around to it and now it's old news? The one where if you showed your friend it would make 60% sense? That's the one.

3. Post it. Write a little page of introduction, if you want. Tell us what you were thinking, what your plans were, what you recycled.

I suggest you charge $3 for it, but that isn't a rule. Make sure people who can't afford the $3 can still access your game, though-- at bare minimum, a promise that if someone DMs you, you'll give them a copy of the game, no questions asked.

You can post games that contain bigoted/scary/sexual/adult content, but warn your reader-- it's as simple as saying "Hey, this is a game with a sex scene in chapter 3" or "hey this game has a lot of graphic descriptions of spiders". Games without content warnings, as well as games that promote bigoted content, will be removed.

This is a tabletop jam, but if you have things that aren't tabletop games, I won't stop you.


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Just an old browser kinky game
Play in browser
Tell a story and make a map in this hack of Microscope
Weird steampunk sky exploration Forged In The Dark
the wheel turns, running you over
Eight role-playing nanogames tempered by the heat of the slow fire.
some lines i wrote a while ago.
When everything spills out, what will you do?
You are a Saint incarnate, touched by the Holy Words. The Sun has wronged you. You must kill the Sun.
An OSR game in a techno-Egyptian prison ship.
An unfinished game about avoiding death by fruit salad, for #UnearthingJam
A high-action RPG where your name and imagination is your greatest weapon
explorations in base 12 TTRPG mechanics
An improv party game about concocting elaborate excuses.
An unfinished game of vampires helping mortals
An uplifting game of discovering your potential. For 1-6 players.
be a trans essential worker in the midwest. unpolished
An abandoned module for Fate Accelerated: Unfinished and Annotated
Satirical survival horror in a struggling retail store. A GM-less tabletop RPG for 3 or 4 players.
An incomplete game for #UnearthingJam
An unfinished ancient personal project.
this game is 2 player pong 2d. I hope you have fun with this game
Chomp with Chomper
Play in browser
A story RPG where your characters kiss and fight and always save the world
old projects for #UnearthingJam
Just Don't Play This?
Play in browser
unfinished Tunnel Goons hack
Be someone else with ease with this playbook for Interstitial