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In Under Hill, By Water, the Winter Phase is a time to share a pint with friends, tell stories, trade gifts, and make New Year's resolutions.

Let's do the same thing together!

  • There isn't any judging here, this is just for fun! 
  • Make anything you want for the jam:
    • Expanded content (more random tables!)
    • New subsystems (gardening mini-game! pipeweed effects!)
    • Cozy scenarios (not “adventures,” certainly!)
    • Play aids (art! ludological essays! calendar assets! hex maps! new character sheets!)
  • You can use the template kit to use the same fonts, styles, and textures as the core book.
  • I encourage you to put a price on your work. If you do, you can also use community copies to make sure everyone can enjoy your cool stuff.
  • If you need any help optimizing your PDFs for accessibility, please reach out! I love to talk about this.
  • Let's collaborate! Check out  submissions as they come in to find other neat people to build with. If you want to participate, I plan on making a bundle of the jam submissions next year.
  • The jam is currently scheduled to run through January. If we need more time, I can extend the deadline. Edit: Per request (and my own needs) the jam has been extended to lucky number Feb 13th!

If you do make something, all I ask is that you include the following text somewhere on your page: "This game is grown from Under Hill, By Water designed by Josh McCrowell. This game is not affiliated with the original author."

If you do make something, please reach out to me on Twitter @riseupcomus. I'd love to see what you make!


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Homely random tables to inspire your adventure-free Halfling games…
Procedures for a cozy journey
A quest giver NPC for Under Hill by Water
A short adventure for Under Hill, By Water
Worrisome things, current events, complications, and NPCs for Under Hill, by Water, some with Yuletide themes.
Role Playing
A nifty little scenario released for the Under Hill, By Water Yuletide Jam
A crafting supplement for when you have no idea what you’re doing
A Hobbit hole map, Top-down and Side-view map of the house plus other drawings.