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This is a beginner friendly Playdate game jam with prizes organized by Uncrank'd, the Playdate magazine created by fans for the Playdate community. We're excited to see what you'll craft during this 8-day jam!

Your Job

Create and submit a unique and interesting game for the Playdate following at least one of the given themes within the jam period.


  1. Game must run on Playdate Simulator
  2. No premade games allowed
  3. AI Art is not allowed
  4. Teams of any size are allowed
  5. Credit pre-made assets if used
  6. Follow one or more of the Themes
  7. No NSFW or Discriminatory content
  8. You may use AI to help with coding & writing
  9. Majority of your game needs to be crafted during the jam


Follow at least one of the two themes given. Judges may give you bonus points for implementing both themes well, however implementing one theme well is preferred over implementing both themes hastily.

The themes are:

  • Reflective
  • Float

See the Announcement Video:


To win any of the prizes included in this jam:

  • You must have reached the legal age of consent or provide us with written approval by your caregivers.
  • Winning prizes in contests like this one needs to be legal in your country.

Prizes include:

  • A Playdate Console
  • Signed copies of Uncrank'd Magazine
  • And more!


Our panel of judges from within the Playdate community will review and rate your submissions (out of 5) based on the following three categories:

  • Originality
  • Enjoyment
  • Bonus points

Points in the bonus points category, will be given out based on accessibility, great implementation of one or more of the themes and generally being outstanding. 

Our judges are:

  • Neven -  Pulp Creator, Panic Employee and Pizza-fanatic
  • Don - Hello Playdate Podcast Host
  • XaniaLasagna - 2023 PD Community Hero and Uncrank'd Magazine Lead
  • Dominik Haas - Organizer of the Playdate Advent Calendar
  • PizzaFuelDev - Developer of Dungeons & Doggos and Uncrank'd Magazine Writer


Join our Discord server to stay connected with other participants and discuss everything from theme predictions to development hurdles. 

It's a great place to find teammates, share resources, and get inspired.


Got questions? We've got answers! Let us know your questions in the Discord server and we'll post the answers to the most common questions here!

Q: May I use libraries for my game? 

A: Most definitely!

Q: How do the prizes get split up amongst the winners?

A: The prize for winning first place is the Playdate Console. There are also a few smaller prizes available for some of the lower ranking games in the jam.

Q: May I use Text to Speech for the game?

A: Absolutely, as long as there's no copyright infringement and you mention the tool used when submitting your game.

Q: Why is AI allowed to help with coding and writing, but not for art?

A: Great Question! We believe that certain tools, such as ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot, are great for accessibility and will become normalized as helpers in day to day work. Using these tools will assist you in creating the game and not fully replace your own creative input. Simply asking ChatGPT to code your game, or write the story, will not get you to a winning product with the current state of technology. However, it can be very useful to get you started on a product, which you can then improve with your expertise. We think of text based AI as being similar in spirit to how the use of autocorrect and googling coding questions has been normalized. There's a great article regarding this in Uncrank'd Magazine Issue 3.

As for AI Art: We feel as though using this technology in a game jam can potentially undermine the spirit of creativity and individual talent that are central to these events. We hope to foster a place of collaboration between creative people, and therefore see AI art as a hindrance to this goal.

There are of course deeper ethical questions behind why one should or shouldn't use AI in general, as well as copyright issues depending on the usage, but to simplify our stance:

We believe that using AI for coding and writing is a tool which assists developers and can help a lot with accessibility, while using AI art actively incentivizes not teaming up with artists and could potentially replace them in this jam scenario, which would be against the spirit of what we're going for.


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You're a duck wizard! Bend reality and save the ducklings!
A little game jam game about reflection
join the ducks on their cute journey for world domination
Explore a small bay with your ship and gather crystals
Reflect projectiles to clear waves of enemies!
Playdate Prop-Cycle Action!
Defend the city of Syracuse from the Roman invaders.
Balloon Simulator HighScore Chaser
Dive as deep as you can, fighting your natural buoyancy!
Uncrank'd Game Jam submission for playdate.
A Top Down Shooter for the Playdate
Help a Jelly get back to its family!
Reflect light to pop balloons
Gather, Catch, Float and Cook your way through this game to feed CrabTopia for their celebration!
Join a dog, a sheep and a duck to test fly a hot air balloon and see how far you can go!
Give your friend a balloon
Turning an ordinary closet mirror into a magical streaming sensation.
Use the crank to steer a ship being chased by torpedoes. #UncrankdGameJam
Don't Be Trash
A mythological shape matching game for playdate
Load the boats