Submissions open from 2019-01-05 05:00:00 to 2019-01-25 05:00:00
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(☔ - brella) + 🐝 = "umby" = the non-binary umbrella

Are you you someone who isn't a binary gender? Not always a binary gender? Feel like maybe you don't have a gender? A million other possibilities because i n f i n i t y  of  g e n d e r s? Then this is the jam for you!

Do you wish to make a game with characters who's gender isn't binary? Then this jam is also for you!

It's a very chill jam :P


ok.... how about.... MAKING A BIRTHDAY GAME FOR THIS LIL ONION BOI RIGHT HERE *points at self and winks*

The jam is basically running from my birthday till my given-at-birth-name's saint name's holiday!
bc why not lmao
also yes that's an actual thing... mostly a russian/sorta-european thing lmao 

"Was this all a big ploy to get birthday games made for yourself?" you say.

Well um... it didn't start this way, I promise! uwu🌸
You don't even have to! I just wanna celebrate us good ol' non-binary (as umbrella term) peeps🐤

If you do make a birthday game, you can hashtag it with #onionbirthday as well if you want to though~


  • your game should feature at least one (1) character who is under the non-binary umbrella
    • with the exception of if you yourself identify under the non-binary umbrella, you can just make whatever game you wish
  • you can use whatever game engine you want
    • have you tried bitsy? it's real fun to use :P
  • you can make the game be as short or as long as you wish
    • your game can be unfinished or a demo, that's perfectly valid!
  • you don't actually have to wait for the jam to start 
    • I honestly won't police or even know if you start a few days early or finish something you began before
    • I did mention this was a chill jam, right?
  • if you work with mature themes please be mindful & put appropriate content warnings and stuff
    • it's general good practice anyway :)
  • don't be an asshole 
    • don't make a mean game
    • nothing racist or sexist and especially not something transphobic, I will ban you

~game jam name suggested by @DanielJDrake and the emojis by Emma Daues :3