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I can't wait to see what we make together.  The Ultralite Game Jam is a community event for us to come together and make fun, simpllistic, accessible games using simple mechanics, that anyone can get to the table in minutes!

Two ultralite games were just developed and published by Kirby Franklin at Disaster Tourism,  WYRD, and wīrd, and the reception was so great we decided to push out a game jam and get people's ultralite wheels turning!

Tagging  Make sure to Tag you games with the #ultralitegamejam and appropriate game tags so it's easy for folks to find and support them!

Community Feel free to use the community board for the jam! If you are interested in more conversations or collaboration check out the Disaster Tourism server at Make sure if you join the server that you check the #server-rules channel before you log out or you will get automatically removed from the server, and afterwards head to #game-jams for discussion!

Restrictions 1. You may not participate in this jam if you make bigoted, fascist, or dehumanizing content. Bigots, fascists, & those seeking to dehumanize others are barred from using the logos we provide, and will be booted from the jam. If you must ask if this includes you or your work, it does. 

Submission Details:

Your Submission MUST BE an Ultralite game

What is an ultralite game? 

Our definition:

-a game with rules that can fit on four or less pages in an A5 format
-a game that uses a single dice type for all resolution mechanics.

You may check out the WYRD// wīrd pages and take the Ultralite Jam Copies, if you'd like to see how we built our games.

You may feel free to attach our made for Ultralite Game Jam logos to your projects if you feel so led!


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A Micro Skirmish Game set in space for 2-4 Players
A solo dice game for the brave!
Backstab, connive and magic your butt onto the fairy throne in this micro-RPG!
Keep your candle lit and survive the Darkness.
A solo game about love, loss, and the spirit world...but mostly love.
A mechanics-lite RPG designed to be easy to pick up and play with little to no prep.
An NSR-style, fistful-of-d6 urban crawler
A one-page RPG of explosive Hollywood action and titanic alien robots!
A ttrpg for being nasty guys!
A wondrous and intimate pointcrawl festival
Play Cthulhu scenarios with simple rules
Vampires in space against the Deep Beyond
You're a cat — a secret agent cat.
A Surrealist Game About Time
Terrifying tales of survival in zombie-infested Cleveland.
The second most popular D&D game.
Tell tales of that one time you (and maybe your friends) went to the 100 Acre Wood
Minimalist Fey RPG
TTRPG on a business card.
A lighthearted 200-word RPG for 1 player, letting you RP as a CEO of TEA.
procedural police procedural
Get hired, get paid
cosmic oddballs grappling with their environments and their selves as everything keeps changing...
A game of laserblades, supernatural powers and the struggle of following a restrictive creed when faced with danger.
An ultra rules lite OSR fantasy game for 1-3 players
A TTRPG about liitle heroes and heroines.
An ultralight homage to Earthbound and others
The world's tiniest RPG about doing big crimes.
Ironsworn lite and foldable, specially good for solo play, easy to learn and fit your pocket.
An Ultra-lite RPG about Backstabbing Wizards
An 1 page ttrpg system about taking risks and pushing for perfection
Deberas enfrentarte a todo para salvar a un ser querido. / You must face everything to save a loved one.
Small Game for a Jam. Made in 15 minutes
Single Player TTRPG based on folklore. #ultralite
Add the color, music, and life back to the world. Fight back Discordant and their DeSats.
A Breathless microgame where you escape from an Imperial bombardment.
Rules lite space adventure #UltraLite, #Space, #1d6
​A rule-lite RPG about band of mercenaries.
A rules-lite TTRPG about warriors trying to find a cause after their war is over.
A teeny-tiny, tactical, turn-based TTRPG best enjoyed with a team.
Universal Story-Driven Micro-Roleplaying based on the Initiated SRD
Minimalist RPG game of racing
One Character Type. Three Skills. Six Pieces of Equipment. 6 Hit Points.
4 cards is all you will ever need for endless tales of adventure!
An ultra rules lite game of assassins for 2-5 players
Minimalist racing game of Drift.
ADVANCED PHANTASY an introductory roleplay system
Ultralight Sci Fi Roleplaying Game
Ultralite Tactical Roleplaying in a Digital Fantasy World