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Ever want to have a go at making a game? Well now you can! University of Limerick's Game Development Society is holding a Game Jam on the 11th of November 10AM-10PM. Not a student? Not a problem! This event is open to everyone, from first-timers to experienced veterans. All forms of games are accepted: Digital games, board games, card games etc.  Check out the Facekook event where we will be faster at replying to comments.

Price to enter the event: €10
If you're part of the UL Games Development Society, then the price to enter is €6

Pay on the door.
Please pick up the free ticket on the Eventbrite page, to give us an idea of what number of people to expect.

Event details:
Make a game in our 12 hour game jam at University of Limerick CSIS department.
The event is being run by UL Game Development Society and GameCraft.
Lunch will be provided around 1PM.
Prizes details will be announced on the day!
Attendees can form teams or work individually. The organizers will assist in the creation of team, and pre-made teams are allowed.
Free WiFi and LAN access will be provided and the password will be made available on the day.
The theme for the game jam will be announced in the venue on the day. It is okay to deviate from the theme, it serves mostly to help jumpstart your creative process.

What you need:
Bring your own laptop/computer, devices, peripherals, and cables and other materials you might to create a game.
Bring pen a paper to help you write down notes and ideas.
Make sure you've installed/updated any programs you need and updated before you attend the jam.

Code of conduct:
This is normally not even required as we tend to have an excellent time. However, in the interest of keeping the event fun and safe we have some rules. It typically boils down to "Be excellent to each other".
At least one organiser will be on the premises at any one time, though we typically have 2 or 3.
If you have any questions or queiries feel free to approach an organiser.
As an attendee you agree to the following:
* You agree to follow the decision of the organiser in any dispute over conduct or involving the organiser.
* Organisers reserve the right to refuse addmission.
* Should an organiser find an attendee's behavior to be inappropriate for the safe enjoyment of the game jam the organiser will take appropriate action.
* In any case if an attendee is told to leave by an organiser, the attendee must leave the venue immediately.
* Any breach of the code of conduct will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the organisers to their best judgement.

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a platformer where the player evolves - just one evolution powerup currently
A tiny amoeba with big dreams.