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Theme: "Combination"

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 (signup deadline: Thursday 1/20)

Jam Information

  • This is a collaborative "two-campus" game-jam hosted by ACM Studio @ UCLA and VGDC @ UCSD.
  • Students from either universities are welcome! Beginners encouraged.
  • This jam begins Friday, January 21st at 6PM PT.  
  • The jam will run for one weekend and end on Monday, January 24th at 6PM PT.

General Rules

  • You're free to use whatever engine you like, as long as you can upload a build here.
  • Entries can be completed solo or as a team.
    • To form a team, see our Discord below
  • Outside assets (art/music/code) are fine to use as long as you have the right to use them!
  • For those not from UCSD/UCLA, please try to have a student on the team you're submitting with! You're welcome to join in our Discord and find teammates (pls be respectful)


  • We encourage everyone to join us in our Jam Discord server where participants can communicate.
  • Feel free to message for help or just to chat.
  • You're welcome to search for teammates or post screenshots as well.

Hosted by ACM Studio and Video Game Development Club @ UCSD


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navigate through strange lands to restore color to the world
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Rhythm game meets visual novel where the DJ is a demon and it's your duty to woo them with your dance moves.
Combine with meat, OR meet your maker!
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UCSD x UCLA 2022 Game Jam
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Combine falling ingredients into yummy recipes in this relaxing Tetris-inspired puzzle game
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