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The theme is Abstract Art

You are invited to join the UAT Game Jam slated to wrap up the Summer semester on July 26th - 28th, hosted at University of Advancing Technology beginning at 5:30 pm this Friday.

What if I’ve never made a game before?

This game jam is for you. Prof. Adam Moore will be on-campus for most of the weekend and will be available to mentor you. Veteran jammers and experienced developers are strongly encouraged to partner with and mentor newbies!

What does the university provide?

  • Development hardware: computer workstations, VR devkits, and other equipment will be made available for developers from outside the university.
  • Development software: Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, 3ds Max, the Adobe Creative Cloud, Substance Painter & Substance Designer.
  • Mentorship: Prof. Adam Moore will be available on-campus for most of the game jam to consult with your team.
  • Free Pizza: There will be free pizzas available for game jammers.
    • Saturday Night: Pizzas will be arriving around 5 pm.
    • Sunday Night: Pizzas will be arriving around 5pm.
  • Cheap Pizza: Didn't get enough pizza? We're also selling cheap extra large pizzas. Extra Large (16”) pizzas will be made to order from 10:00 pm – 3:00 am for $7 per pizza. These pizzas feed 5-6 people. Sausage or Pepperoni available for $1 more.
  • Boneless Wings: Boneless buffalo, barbecue, or Caesar parmesan wings made to order from 10:00 pm – 3:00 am
    • 6 for $4.50
    • 12 for $8.00
    • 24 for $16.00

How do I submit?

Judging will begin on-site at 5:30 pm on Sunday. Upload your build to this jam page and load a copy of your game  onto one of the computers in room 108. Please supply headphones if your game has audio. Awards will follow immediately after judging.


The following awards are available:

  • Rookie Award: Must be a team of first-time game jammers to win.
  • Best Art
  • Best Use of Theme
  • Best Use of Diversifier
  • Best Audio
  • Best Technical Achievement
  • Best Gameplay
  • Best Board Game
  • Youngest Developer
  • Kid's Choice


Diversifiers are voluntary secondary constraints that individual teams can choose to add to their game for an additional challenge. If you implement any of these diversifiers in your game, please mention them in your game's description.

  • Ragdoll: Use of Ragdoll physics in your game
  • National Day of ___: Your game is about a national day that is happening this weekend.
  • Music Genre as Game Genre: Choose a genre of music and interpret it as a genre of gameplay
  • Genre Switch: Your game changes genre between the beginning and end of the game.
  • Endangered Language: Translate your game into an endangered language.
  • New Tech (XR): Incorporate a new technology into your game.
  • Game under a minute: The game ends in 60 seconds or less.
  • One button game: Your game can be played with one button.
  • Accessible: Your game is accessable to players with disabilities
  • Educational: Your game is intended to teach or educate the player.
  • Public Domain: Incorporate something that went into the public domain this year.
  • Fernweh: Farsickness. The opposite of homesickness. Longing for far-off places.
  • Multiplayer: Your game implements local or networked multiplayer.
  • #techrespect: Your game reflects your school spirit for UAT
  • Branching: Your game has branching narrative or gameplay.
  • Character Customization: The player can customize their character.
  • Non-PC games: You game is played on a non-PC platform
  • Global Issues: Your game raises awareness of one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Auto-Close: The game closes after a set amount of time.
  • Attract Mode: Your game demonstrates gameplay after a few seconds of showing the title screen
  • Proc Gen: Your game implements procedural generation.
  • 90 Second Rule: Your game is Atari Hard. It's designed to be in the arcade, kill the player in 90 seconds, and get as many quarters as possible.
  • Sentient: The game breaks the 4th wall and interacts with the player in some way.
  • Uncommon Engine: Build a game with an uncommon game engine.
  • Non-Verbal Communication: Your game communicates the rules to the player without using words.
  • Other Senses: Your game uses senses other than sight and hearing.
  • One mechanic: You game only uses a single mechanic.
  • Make it work: Develop a game that the engine was not meant to make (e.g. a platformer in Ren'py)
  • Adaptive Difficulty: The game gets easier or harder based on how the player performs.
  • Retro Development: Use older development techniques (pre-2000)
  • Who made it better? - Agree on a high concept with another team, then develop two games based on that concept with two teams. Compete to see who made the better version.
  • Water Level: Your game includes a water level
  • Weather: Gameplay changes based on your local weather.
  • Lose to Win: The victory condition is one that is usually a loss condition (come in second place, die, etc.)
  • UATx Mentorship: Mentor a UATx participant and have them work on part of your game.
  • Co-Optional: Your game only has one winner, but the players must co-operate to finish the game.
  • Speed Running: Your game is designed to be speed-run and makes it easier for streamers to do speed runs. (e.g. Your game comes with a split timer)
  • Twitch Plays: Implement Twitch audience interactions.
  • Single Script: Write all of the code for your game into a single script.

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Terrifying VR quest for knowledge
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Navigate an artistic maze by painting your way to victory.
abstract personification of a man bag person. Be free.
Midnight gas station simulator