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UAT Founder’s Game Jam 2018


9/21 – 5:30 pm – University of Advancing Technology – Theater

You are invited to join the UAT Game Jam slated to kick off the fall semester on Sept 21st – 23rd, hosted at University of Advancing Technology beginning at 5:30 pm this Friday celebrating UAT's founding on September 23rd.

What if I’ve never made a game before?

This game jam is for you. Prof. Adam Moore will be on-campus for most of the weekend and will be available to mentor you. Veteran jammers and experienced developers are strongly encouraged to partner with and mentor newbies!

What does the University provide?

  • Development hardware: computer workstations, VR devkits, and other equipment will be made available for developers from outside the university.
  • Development software: Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, 3ds Max, the Adobe Creative Cloud, Substance Painter & Substance Designer.
  • Mentorship: Prof. Adam Moore will be available on-campus for most of the game jam to consult with your team.
  • Free Snacks: There will be snacks available for free for game jammers.
  • Pizza: Extra Large (16”) pizzas will be made to order from 10:00 pm – 3:00 am for $7 per pizza. These pizzas feed 5-6 people. Sausage or Pepperoni available for $1 more.
  • Boneless Wings: Boneless buffalo, barbecue, or Caesar parmesan wings made to order from 10:00 pm – 3:00 am
    • 6 for $4.50
    • 12 for $8.00
    • 24 for $16.00
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Stay On the Ball!
Escape the tube mouse cage that Timmy put you in. Avoid the balls, spray your way to victory!
Play in browser
2 player competitive 2D shooter
Simplistic RTS Made during a 48 hour game jam. Theme was Ball.
In a world where dodgeballs are people and people are dodgeballs, you need to pass middle school gym class.