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This is the Spring 2019 Game Jam for the University of Arizona's Game Developers Club!

This will be hosted from March 29th - March 31st on the Gould Simpson 9th floor on the University of Arizona Campus. Meet up is at 5pm on the 29th and will close at 1pm on the 31st.

Teams will be made after the opening ceremony and theme are announced, although feel free to make teams before the event starts.

The club will be providing meals over the course of the weekend, including lunches and dinners for all participants. 

You are free to sleep at the venue, although it is recommended that you go home on the first night.

Use the Tyndall Parking Garage for free parking over the weekend or South of Sixth lots as well.

The theme is Bare Minimum!

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Play as a ghost pirate to find your lost treasures. Move by throwing a cannonball.
A jumbled mess of systems that somewhat resembles an ASCII text-based dungeon crawler RPG.
Role Playing
Bear.... Bear.... BEEEEAAAAAR???
Ever wanted to be a backseat gamer? Now you can!
A roguelike-like game in which you must memorize level layouts and rely quick reactions to escape a spooky cave.
Do the bear minimum without your boss getting on your tail!