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This is the two-week Halloween jam, where YOU get two weeks to make a game for Halloween! It can be pixel art, 3D, voxel art, etc. Anyway, you just make a game in two weeks that fit Halloween! It has no theme, since it is a Halloween game jam, you don't need any other themes than 'Halloween'

You are free to use pre-made sprites, or sprites you find online.

You are NOT allowed to submit games made before the jam!

NO harassing AT ALL in this jam, ok my dudse?

Discord server:

What's the point of the game jam?

I love game jams... An of course, because it would be fun to see how many games we can make for Halloween! The game jam ends two days before Halloween, so that we get two days voting period, nice right! I'm so exited already! Can't wait to see ya there!

What tools can I use?

You are free to use ANY tool you want! You can also use any assets you find online, or have made earlier, as long as you make the game during the game! Have fun!

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Halloween themed game.
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