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Make two games for one jam

March 26 2021 - April 5 2021 (~10 days)


  1. Alpha Tester
  2. The Pairing "Best Usage of Two Games"
  3. Spinning Plates + Straight Shooter
  4. Hire + Broken N Falling
  5. Lethal Pong
  6. Brokenfront
  7. Broken Games
  8. The Two Sides
  9. Meteors
  10. Kill The Boss/Hero!


What is this jam?

This jam is about making two games for one jam. How you interpret that is up to you, so you can be as creative as you want.

Some examples of how to interpret this:

  • Two versions of the same game like Pokemon
  • Two sides of the same game like in games with "good" and "evil" campaigns
  • Two completely unrelated games

Of course, these are just examples, you're more than welcome to make up your own interpretation.


If you want to ask me things, look for a group, or ask for feedback, join the Discord:

Wait, so how do I submit?

There are two options for submitting:

  1. Create one project for both games and make one submission. (This would be the easiest to manage, but might be a bit awkward if you make unrelated games)
  2. Create two separate projects and make two submissions. Link the two games by providing the URL for the other game in the correct field at submission. (This might be a bit overkill if your games are only different versions of the same game, but it also gives you more control)

After the submission deadline ends, you will be unable to upload any updates or additional files until voting ends.

Since itch's rating system isn't really designed for combining submissions, the results will be announced manually.

Are there any themes?

The OPTIONAL theme is:


Any rules?

Don't put any NSFW content in your submissions, be it in the game or on its pages.

As with most game jams, the whole idea is that you make a game during the jam (or two in this case). Meaning that preferably every asset and bit of code is created during the jam, though this is not a requirement. For fairness' sake, please indicate which elements used in your games were NOT made during the jam and give credit for those not made by your team.

Other than that, you can really do whatever you want. Make your games in whatever engine you want, build your own if you must; In a team or solo; Use 2D, 3D, 2.5D, 1D, or 4D graphics; Make a game using only sounds! Heck, the games don't even have to be digital, if you'd prefer, you are more than welcome to make a physical game.

As long as everything needed to play can be gathered from your submission page, you're good to go!

As such, you can also submit your games to multiple jams at the same time. (As long as the rules for that jam also allow it)

Though in any case, if you want your game to be played, I recommend you create at least a version for web and for Windows.

Voting and prizes?

No prizes aside from my praise, the additional promotion of being in a jam, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Submissions are ranked on the following aspects:

  1. Interesting usage of the "two games" aspect
  2. Gameplay
  3. Graphics
  4. Audio
  5. Concept (Not the execution, but just the concept)

Voting can be done by anyone, so make sure to play, comment on, and rate the games made by the other jammers.


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A small game made for a game jam! Might update it...
Solve puzzles as you debug a new take on a classic game!
Search through files and conversations to solve the puzzles in Alpha Tester!
Fly through the sky like as arrow and pop as many red balloons as possible
Play in browser
Help Tsai spin four plates before time runs out
Play in browser
Second version of Kill The Boss
You are playing Super Mario Brothers game but something happens and you start to control the enemies to KILL Mario.
Play in browser
Fight with your team on the frontline.
You are a space ship and have to shoot the incoming asteroids
A platformer were you try an escape a collapsing area
Play in browser
Can you handle two games at once? #TwoGamesJam2021
Play in browser
these games are for the 2 games jam
Play in browser
Play in browser
a super simple tiny game thrown together in less than 2 days
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