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This a Game Jam organized by members of the Porchugal discord server. Do not submit if you're not a part of it!

What is a Game Jam? It's an event where you create games in a short amount of time. This one runs from December 30th to January 31st.

This time around we'll focus on interactive fiction, narrative games and that sort of thing. If story is the main focus then it belongs here. Get creative. You can make one even without words.

Just to be clear: Any game is valid as long as it tells a story. It can be of any genre, from a text adventure to a walking sim. Doesn't matter.

If you wanna learn how to make a game, check the spiritual predecessor to this here. It's got a good summary.

I strongly recommend you read this if you want to make a game that also actually looks kinda good.

Useful tools for narrative games:



VN and RPG Maker

Good luck!


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You're pretty funny
Interactive Fiction
A Fantasy Visual Novel about Talking to Cute Girls
Visual Novel
Reimu teaches you how to write and read in hiragana... while BALLIN
Explore an ancient, mysterious tower and uncover its secrets.
Play in browser
Two old friends come together to reminisce, smoke, and cry.
Visual Novel
two homies and some wawa
a girl goes to buy some coffee