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SageDaMage, Iron Echo Games, Dreaming Dragonslayer, and Trace Ryder team up to bring you...


What is the Jam about?

The TTRPG PokéJam is, as the name suggests, about Pokémon in Tabletop Roleplaying Games! Unlike most TTRPG Jams, this is a ranked Jam, as the judge favorites as well as the most popular (decided during the voting period by you all) will earn prizes. This provides two of the primary rules submissions must follow: Submissions must be Tabletop and Pokémon. We also encourage having the submissions be free for legal reasons as well as for voting purposes.

What are the prizes?

The prizes are dependent on the judge (see Meet the Judges), but the grand prize from the most popular will be an invitation to an online panel in which the judges and the victor will talk about designing for Pokémon in the TTRPG medium.

Where can I talk about the Jam?

The official Discord server for discussing the Jam and its submissions is the NSR Discord, a great, welcoming community. Discussion will specifically be within the #design-jams channel, within which is a PokéJam thread.

Meet the Judges:


Hi, I'm Sage, and I got everyone together to make this happen! I'm very passionate about both tabletop roleplaying games and Pokémon. In fact, before my Pokémon Zero released, I was running a Pokémon campaign for a couple years at that point, which is still going today. I love the DIY attitude of indie roleplaying games, especially when people encourage iteration. I'd love to see some submissions with a license for hacking or just generally being system neutral. My prize is an All-You-Can-Read Pass to all my games, from now until forever, for free. As well, I will invite you to collaborate on a Pokémon related project of our creation.

Iron Echo Games

Hi, I'm Marshall! I design tabletop rpgs often focused on collaborative storytelling and potentially GMless play. Pokémon ttrpgs have been a particular obsession of mine for several years now, from reading every available option searching for the perfect fit for my own campaign, to designing my own game after participating in a game jam much like this one. I truly believe the ttrpg space is the best place to realize the true creative potential of the world of Pokémon. My prize is the opportunity for a paid project designing some form of content (adventure, playbooks, setting, etc.) compatible with my own Pokémon ttrpg Pokémon Tales.

Dreaming Dragonslayer

Howdy, I'm Sam. I write, design, and talk about running games for kids a lot, so simplicity and quick adventure generation tools are my jam! I've been playing Pokemon since the GameBoy pocket and although Pikachu was my first, Cyndaquil was the one that got me to play through until the end. While the games are good in their own right, the anime is where I turn to for most Pokemon TTRPG design (that and the TCG, I suppose). My prize is a shout-out on my blog, linking other to your works on itch or elsewhere on the internet. I'll write my review and why I chose the game I did as numero uno. Now go make a game about fighting animals and something something friendship.

Trace Ryder

Cheers, I'm Trace. Been fancying myself a hobbyist game designer since college and after much hiatus Pokemon | Episodes became the first game I've published.  It's intended as a love letter to the shows I know and appreciate. While watching Sun and Moon (during the 13 month processes) I realized the unique storytelling form that Pokemon is capable of. One where dynamic characters explore fulfilling storylines aided by their Pokemon team. My prize is collaboration on a credited original module for Pokemon | Episodes to potentially be included in the second edition of the rulebook and shout outs on the game page and social media. 

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A monster-bonding, exploration roleplaying game!
a TTRPG where you journey with monster pals
A rules-light Pokémon tabletop roleplaying game
A Pokemon table top rpg built around the Powered By the Apocalypse game system
A roleplaying game about capturing, training, battling and evolving monsters
A Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Tabletop RPG
A pokemon inspired ttrpg where you make friends and be little creatures
Pokemon Agents is a story telling game where you and friends can defend the Pokemon World as a Pokemon G-Men.
A pokemon TTRPG that allows the trainer to fight alongside their pokemon