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Welcome to the TTRPG Art Asset Jam!

Artists wishing to participate in this Jam are encouraged to submit any art assets (old or new) they have made that they think could be useful for indie TTRPG designers, who need artwork for their games.

Motivation and Goals

I was moved to host this jam after seeing quite a few game designers using images in their games which were clearly created using the so-called "AI art generators".
Many people far more eloquent than I have already written or spoken a lot about how these tools - as they function now - are deeply unethical and harmful for human artists, who are already struggling in our current capitalist hell-scape.
Below are two videos on the subject that I strongly recommend watching if you want to learn more. The first is a shorter, more introductory video, the second a longer video essay, but both go over debunking the various awful arguments made in favour of machine generated image tools.
Some Thoughts on "AI Art" - ThoughtSlime
The End of Art: An Argument Against Image AIs - Steven Zapata

The goal of this Jam is therefore to provide a veritable treasure trove  - or at the very least, decent-sized goodie bag - of art assets for TTRPG designers to use INSTEAD of "AI Art". The Jam therefore seeks to support both artists and indie TTRPG creators.


- Any Art Assets you wish to submit must be available under an open license (I suggest the CC BY 4.0) for both personal and commercial use.
- The Art Assets must not contain any hateful or bigoted material which targets marginalised groups on the basis of appearance, skin colour, disability, sex, gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, faith (or lack thereof), or species. 
- Obviously, the Art Assets must not be made using machine learning tools.

I look forward to seeing your submissions!

- Penflower


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an advanced and accessible analog games typeface!
Exciting illustrations to use in your own tabletop projects!
A pack of over 200 digital assets for building your own RPG hex map tiles.
Strange Hex Tiles for making Cool Maps
a dingbat typeface of Evangelion's angel-sealing hex glyphs
Traced public domain woodcut prints for use in your games
a collection of painterly hexes for use in the HexKit app
a randomised chunky marker pen typeface!
Image Assets for a Bakery Setting
Cyberpunk and Computer Terminal Graphic Asset Pack
an advanced and accessible clock-face typeface!
10 pieces of CC-BY art for all uses
Hi-Def scans of Stained Paper
A pack of digital assets for building your own TTRPG character sheet.
TTRPG art assets, rules, and adventures!
Cyberpunk and Computer Terminal Graphic Asset Pack
147 High-Resolution Texture Scans
Commercial Use Grungy Character Portraits, but their are 66 of them.
Licensed original art for your Stellar Remnants
Public Domain Assets for TTRPG games.
icon fonts for TTRPG countdown/progress clocks!
Hi-def sncans of various india ink patterns and paint washes
Commercial Use Weird Stock Art for RPGs
Classic inspired Hex Tiles for making Big Maps
A Curated Resource for Creative Humans
Hi-def scans of Watercolor painted papers
Photoshop Brushes for TTRPG Map Making
A pack of 50 traditionally hand-drawn Fantasy NPCs, for your home game or TTRPG project.
Horrific art pack
An expansion for the Modular Hexmap Pack
A Fantasy themed expansion to the Modular Character Sheet Kit.
Nixie tube, Nimo tube, and 7-segment display layer fonts!
cursive 8-segment display, eggcrate display, and lightguide layer fonts!
A Sci-Fi themed expansion for the Modular Hexmap Pack
23 textures and assets with an industrial vibe.
A fantastical colouring page and free stock illustration for your games.
15 Creative Commons Page Backgrounds
Hi-def pictures of bark and moss in black/white
60 more drawn character portraits of weirdos for zines and RPGs
An image collection of brush marks and painted shapes to use in your projects
Free 2d Mushroom Image Assets
Vector images of tarot suits.
Six traditionally hand drawn fantasy adventurer character designs.
a pixel-ish floppypunk typeface
handwritten font
dinot are not dinos
Public domain heraldry art from victorian books
Commercial Use Weird Stock Art for RPGs
Goblin Spot Art
collections of stock photos for licensed use
I like the cause of this game jam and decided to make some fantasy items for it!
A commercial use gooey font for gooey projects
10 black and white illustrations of fantasy women holding swords for your ttrpg
An explosive colouring page and free stock illustration for your games.
5 Creative Commons Fog And Noise Textures
Illustrated stock art of potions, tools and herbalism work.
15 assorted illustrations under CC-BY license.
a tiny pixel typeface with a calligraphic touch!
20 Creative Commons Material Textures
16 Creative Commons Stain And Damage Textures
Some assets for Blades in the Dark, maybe useful for other FitD games as well.