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This Jam is designed to encourage TTRPG makers to revisit their previously published products and update them with new versions and or additional versions designed with accessibility in mind for a wide range of needs, focusing on providing access to as many disabled gamers as possible. 

The goal of the Jam is to create a repository of table-top games with clearly described accessible options so these products are easy to access for those who want to play them.

Submissions to this Jam should be previously published games which have either been updated to be accessible or had a new accessible version created within the jam period. No one document can be accessible for every person, so the focus here is on providing options and making sure potential players know what options are available.

Accessible versions of your game could include one or more of the following options:    

  • Text-only version with image descriptions
  • Screen-reader optimized version   
  • Audio version    
  • Dyslexia friendly version    
  • Color-blind support version
  • Any other clearly described versions designed to allow more players to interact with the game

Here are some guides to help make accessible versions of your game: 

If you have any more useful guides, please post them in the community section.

As a basic requirement, any and all marketing for this jam on any platform must include alt-text on any images shared before, during, and after the jam.

You might also want to consider hiring an accessibility consultant to help make an accessible version of your game. A reputable resource is held on DOTS:

Any accessibility consultants reading this are invited to post in the community section providing their rates and contact details. Special thanks for helping me set up the inaugural version of this Jam to Yubi Coates. Yubi is an accessibility content who is available for hire. You can find all their details here:

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