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Talkative Server World Wide Jam is a 48 hour long game development jam. It's the first game jam organized for the community, by the community. 

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The theme for the game jam is AFTERLIFE !

(OPTIONAL) You can pick none, one or several limitations listed below :

- no combat mechanics
- only 4 colours (you can check this palette list to help you :
- your game must be in full greyscale
- no words (but words allowed for title screen and menu)

○ You can use pre-made assets

○ All game engines and frameworks are allowed

○ You can work alone or on team

○ NSFW content is allowed

All entries will be judged by other participants of the jam.

Judging will be on the following criteria :

○ Game design

○ Theme adherence

○ Engagement

○ Creativity

After the jam ends, a one-week rating period starts, in which people can play and rate all of the submitted games.

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Afterlife park cleaner simulator
Remote Games presents
You just died, but if you don't want to spend the afterlife in hell, you must go to heaven as fast as possible.
Play in browser
What is this world ? Where are you ? Who is this ghost helping you ?
Decide the fate of a little girl as a Judge from Hell.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A visual novel about the afterlife, made for Talkative Server Jam
Visual Novel
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