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Welcome to the Try Something New game jam. The goal is, you guessed it, to try something new.
Whether it's a new genre, art style, or game engine, we hope you will push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn a new skill.


The theme is what makes this game jam special. It's important that you incorporate the theme in order for it to be considered an official entry. This jam's theme is ISLAND. From tropical getaways to floating island cities, find a fun and creative way to make your submission on theme.


  • You can only work on your game during the game jam's time frame.
  • Keep it clean. (No NSFW, gore, offensive, or hateful content)
  • You may use pre-made asset packs, as long as you have permission from the creator.
  • Make sure to incorporate the theme.
  • Read and follow these rules.


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Hop over as many islands as you can!
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A Sky-Pirate Bird Themed Metroidvania