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In collaboration with Nordic Business Support we have the pleasure to invite you to a game jam on September 8 - 10 that takes place in Tromsø - a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and fjords in northern Norway. 

Are you are an idea person, illustrator, programmer, 3D-artist, sound designer, musician or just have a general interest in creating games? We would love for you to come! The game jam is mainly open for people living in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

A game jam is defined as a process or activity where participants improvise without extensive predetermined guidelines or preparation, and where the process itself is in focus. Based on a theme and some very simple guidelines, participants then form groups and collaborate on developing a game prototype, often within the span of 48 hours.

Nordic Business Support is a collaboration between Business Oulu, Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce and Bedriftskompetanse AS -
organizations that together have the local knowledge and local network on the Northern Calotte to succeed. The project is supported by Troms, Nordland and Finnmark county council as well as Innovation Norway. 

The target audience are individuals and companies, alone or in networks that have needs or challenges that are not covered by local or regional cooperation. The purpose of the project is to facilitate increased cooperation between businesses and the industry in general in the North Calotte.

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A story based games about connections and connections
Local multiplayer nunchuck-spaceships action
​Rotate right or left! Hit the enemies and protect your core
Small gamejam game where you fly the planes to their target cities.