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Welcome to the Troika City Jam! Everyone is welcome to participate! 

This jam was inspired by a conversation I had with the void about my unreleased content. The void was all like “let’s jam!” and a big red dog appeared saying “do it”, and I heard them so here we are, jamming in the void.

We are excited to see what original content everyone comes up with to expand the endless city of Troika. Entries may include but are not exclusive to:

  • Adventures 
  • Bestiaries 
  • Items & inventories 
  • NPCs 
  • Maps, landmarks and locations
  • Random tables of all sorts 
  • New spells 
  • PC Backgrounds  and loadouts
  • Fan fiction, poems and stories
  • Comics and Visual Art

You can create something for the jam or release the unreleased, or both! 

Troika citizens can submit multiple entries to this jam. 

Not a Troika citizen yet? Troika’s rules are available here free as an SRD or here as a web version

Need some ideas and/or collaborators? Check out our Jam’s Community tab! There’s a d100 table for inspiration there and you can look for other creators too if you want to increase your horsepower. 

You can also meet other participants and join in on the conversations via the Melsonia Arts Council Discord server.  The jam will run the entirety of August and the big red dog told me it will NOT be extended, no exceptions. Use the hashtag #troikacityjam to signal other incoming golden barges if you’re on Twitter.

Charge whatever you want for your content, you deserve to get paid, but community copies are encouraged. 

Two submissions will be chosen randomly to win a copy of the Numinous Edition of Troika! with Permian Nations and the other winner will receive a gift card to the Spear Witch store

I’ll be here to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @spooky_rusty or on Discord you can reach me at bullshark#8889 Be kind to yourself and others. NO BIGOTRY OR HATE ALLOWED. We reserve the right to disqualify any entries for any reason. “Troika City Jam” is an independent production by the community and is not affiliated with Melsonia Arts Council.


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Adventures in the subway of a surrealist city!
Tools, treasures, gear, devices, patrons, and organizations for long-term Troika campaigns!
a Troika! Adventure and Six Backgrounds
1d6 enemies you might find in the city of Troika
A supplement for Troika!
1d6 people you might be in the City of Troika!
A neglected neighbourhood of Junk Dwarfs in the City of Troika.
2d6 backgrounds compatible with Troika!
An Evey Lockhart Sadventure
Detritus from the Districts of Troika
6 new creatures to encounter in Troika City
A portable music festival for Troika!
An adventure for Troika! Can you find out which bathhouse a beloved god will appear in tonight?
1 Neighborhood and 32 PC Backgrounds for the Troika! TTRPG
Printable Initiative Tokens compatible with Troika!
Four backgrounds compatable with TROIKA!
A ruined castle on the edge of the city of Troika, filled with weirdos
A unique new being for your Troika game
An urban location for Troika!
A Troika! underground adventure
A Troika supplement about the roughest street in Troika and those who live in it.
Three very normal backgrounds for good times
A short "Reverse Murder Mystery" adventure!
A point of interest in the endless city.
Surreal Science-Fantasy Backgrounds, Spells and more inspired by weird RPGs
A small collection of items compatible with Troika!
A location for Troika! including enemies, plot hooks, NPC's and new classes.
The fastest cars to ever drive on the Nurburgring, driven by the best racers and heroes to come out of Germany.
4 npcs/backgrounds/encounters/tables for Troika. If no one else can help, maybe you can hire THE B TEAM
New Prizes! Drafting Rules! Drinking Rules! Celebrity Drivers and the Zep!
Sequel to the Troika Race War influenced by the Japanese Domestic Market
A player background for Troika! The Carnifex.
Who do you see in the city? Find some off the oddities wandering the city here.