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Hello! This is a supernatural (not the television series) themed game jam! you have over a 3 month period to create a supernatural themed game! I made this game jam as a fun little activity to hype up everyone for a game that i will release around Halloween called "Raven". "Raven" is a creepy weird horror game based around the supernatural. All of the game jams i will host now (and/or in the future) will have the word "Trijam" at the start of the title. Anyone can join, so have fun!


1. If the game has nsfw or 18+ content, please state that in the games title.

2. anyone can join! just be careful when making a 18+ or nsfw games.

3. please do not use copyrighted content or ideas.

4. This game jam is supernatural themed since it will be ended around Halloween so use supernatural themes in your game.

5. the game can be anything from a cute werewolf game to a horror vampire murder "chose your own ending" game!

6. in your game's desc., please describe if the game is horror or not.

7. Now the most important rule, have fun! no pressure. you have over 3 months to complete your game.

If you have any questions or concerns that have to do with this game jam, please send your emails to:

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