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Please try to submit either a Linux or browser playable version! And leave your Twitter, IG or Twitch usernames, so we can reach out just in case. 

What is TriJam?

TriJam is a jam where your goal is to try and make something playable (and fun) in only 3 hours! How is that even possible, you ask? Well, just look at the history of previous TriJams and we're sure you'll be convinced that it is not only possible, but very manageable! 

What are the rules?

Pretty much do whatever you want! The time for coming up with an idea, making a design doc, compiling the game and publishing it etc. does not count in the 3 hours you have, that time is purely for development of the product. You can also split your 3 hours into whatever chunks you want, so it doesn't need to be 3 hours straight, e.g. you can take 2 days working on your game, working on it 1 and a half hours each day. If your game took longer than 3 hours to make, that is completely fine, just specify so in the game's description. It will still be played, but will not compete for 1st place in the jam.

Of course, have common sense when making your games. Making intentionally offensive stuff is a no go and will most likely be voted out of the competition. Also, please specify if your game is NSFW so that we don't get in trouble for streaming it.

On using pre-made assets: make sure you have the necessary rights to the assets you use in your game. Be aware that that using assets that you yourself (or your team member) didn't create during the jam time may affect your game's rating.


The theme is chosen by the community by a strawpoll. 

You are free to interpret the theme how ever you want!

Optional challenges

 Optional challenges you can complete for boasting rights.

This week:

  1. Use Godot Engine (download here);
  2. Share the source code of your project;
  3. Use assets from Asset Jam;
  4. Make a game inspired from an AAA title;
  5. Make a remix of 2 classic games.

Playtesting & voting

RocknightStudios will livestream playtesting your games on Wednesday following the jam. Voting ends on Wednesday also.

P.S. We  have a community run Trijam discord and there is a community created Trijam subreddit !


Godot users can check out Game Template made by Nezvers. There is all necessary stuff taken care for Godot users not to worry about creating most boring and tedious work.

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Sheeps in the Field
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3 Hour Super Hexagon Clone
Defend your line
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Forget shooting, we're gonna ram em'!
A prototype & simple arcade game.
Eat as many hot dogs as you can
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Scream your way through hordes of enemy planes
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A simple game about colour
It does not end.
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Just keep scrolling
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Defend with the power of your voice!
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React to the change in binary as fast as you can!
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