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Please try to submit a Linux or browser version, the time for building and publishing games doesn't count in the 3 hour limit!

Trijam is a 3-hour game jam. The idea is to try to make something playable in only 3 hours! The jam takes place every weekend, so you will have many opportunities to try out different approaches and gameplay ideas. The themes are simple and suggested by the Rocknight community on Twitch. The theme is announced on Friday. For example (#31) Trijam's theme was "Towers", and the winner was BethanyDrake with his game Towers of Hanoi: Bicolour Version. Take a note that the time you need for planning, building and uploading the game doesn't count in those 3 hours, it's purely development time. It doesn't have to be 3 hours straight, you can take breaks or split the time up if necessary. It is totally fine if the game takes longer than 3 hours, just put it in the game's description how long did it take. We will still play it, but it won't compete for the 1st place.  If you use assets not made during the jam, please state it in your game's description. 

Timer that you can use: This Clock.

All entries will be played on Rocknight streams on Twitch on Mondays, the winner will get a shout out on Twitter from us and their username will be displayed on our stream overlay the whole week.

We will stream the jam here on Saturday 6PM UTC/GMT: Rocknight Studios

Let us know if you plan to stream!

Timelapses from Trijam 21 as an example.

P.S. There is no Trijam Discord right now. There is a channel for Trijam in Rocknight's discord, which is not publicly available. If you'd like to join, however, you can come to our stream, meet us and we'll share an invite link with you.

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