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#2 - Theme: Acceptable Duck

Trijam is a 3 hour game jam. The idea is to try and make something playable in only 3 hours! The jam will take place every Saturday, so you will have many opportunities to try out different approaches and gameplay ideas. The themes are a combination of random nouns and adjectives to keep it simple. The first Trijam's theme was "Soft bra". 

This game jam is quite new and we will improve it with every iteration, so for now there are no clear limitations, just keep the games simple, avoid disrespectful themes and use your common sense. 

All entries will be played on Rocknight streams on Twitch on Mondays, the winner will get a shout out on Twitter from us and their logo or an appropriate picture on our stream overlay. We will see how we could improve incentives in the future.

Here is a time-lapse video of our work process from the first jam.

Your games will be streamed here:

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This game was made in 3 hours for #TriJam
You work at a duck factory, accept good ducks only or you're fired!
Ducks have lives to.
Shooting ducks is unacceptable, shoot these rubber ducks instead!